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Our Executive Search practice is different in ways that will make a big difference to you.

Our Knowledge is Your Power

In the high-stakes competition for the best executive talent, you don’t want to waste time educating your search consultant on the realities of your business. All of our consultants have held executive leadership or high-level management consulting roles and understand what will make your business successful. We are true industry insiders who understand how things work in your world. We maintain and constantly refresh our strong network to the best current and future executive talent, and we are uniquely structured to ensure you benefit from everything we know.

One Backed by Many

The consultants you engage to work with you manage every aspect of your executive search, providing you with distinctly personal service and direct accountability. The people you see are the people you get. Yet each time you engage us in an Executive Search, you gain access to the expertise and market reach of all our consultants. This is not a mere promise, it is a core value of our firm. Our equal partnership and fixed-fee pricing structure motivates us to all work together on your behalf. The power of this trusted network places the insight and resources of our entire firm at each consultant’s fingertips, making our solutions richer and more responsive, and creating tangible and enduring business impact for our clients.

The Ideal Candidate

What works for one needn't work for you! We strive to know all we can about your organization to gain deep insight into what kind of leader will be most effective for you – right from the start and long term. We work with you to pinpoint the ideal candidate's competencies, personality traits, and behavioral characteristics. Indeed, an important part of our role is helping you rethink the very concept of "ideal candidate."

As we work with you to develop candidate profiles, we help you weigh not only the immediate challenges of the role, but also your overall strategic objectives and the corresponding opportunities to enhance diversity and inclusion.

Our consultants are aligned around industry verticals and as our in-house specialists, they ensure that for every client, it is the experience of working with us that sets us apart and gives them an insight of our thorough approach to every assignment.

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